Dalian Neusoft University of Information(DNUI) is a private university founded by Neusoft with the Ministry ofEducation’s approval. DNUI, with a strong focus onengineering, offers tertiary education programs across a number of disciplinesincluding engineering, management, digital art, foreign languages andhealthcare technology. The campus is located in Dalian, a beautiful coastalcity in Northeastern China. Situated at the core area of Dalian Software Park,the campus with a ground of 833,000m2 and 417,000m2 of building area issurrounded by the most dynamic and high-tech industry intense area inDalian.DNUI provides predominantly undergraduate education and complementallyhigher vocational education. Additionally, DNUI also provides postgraduateeducation, continuing education and international student education. Now, thestudent population is over 14, 000 and there are 13 academic units as follows.

– School of Computer and Software

– School of Information and BusinessManagement

– School of Intelligent and ElectronicEngineering

– School of Digital Arts and Design

– School of Foreign Language

– School of Healthcare Technology

– Higher Vocational College of Technology

– School of General Education

– School of International Education

– School of Continuing Education

– School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship(SOVO)

– Department of Graduate Studies

– Department of Political Education

DNUI 2024 International Students Prospectus Undergraduate.pdf