The School of International Education (SIE) at Dalian Neusoft University of Information is responsible for planning and implementing university’s international engagement. SIE offers degree and non-degree education for overseas students and study-abroad opportunities for Chinese students at DNUI. Currently, international students mainly come from Russia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and the USA.


SIE provide several types of short-term Language & Culture programs, ITC & Business programs, staff training, and etc. One of the featured programs is Start-up China. In 2016, DNUI established a long-term partnership with the University of Queensland, one of Australia’s top eight leading universities to construct a global innovation center. From the next year, UQ have selected outstanding students to join Start-up China program each year.


In our short-term programs, students can learn Chinese language and Chinese culture. Meanwhile, we offer local high-tech industry visiting and city tour, which will help students develop a global perspective and get a deeper understanding of modern China.

This program of DNUI provides ICT and Business students with training and practical experience of initiating an innovative product, as well as a cross-culture experience that will benefit their career and life in future.


Students receive the training in DNUI’s School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, where they will work in groups to create an innovative product prototype and establish a virtual-company to develop and promote this product. Students will be given guidance from professionals and entrepreneurs on conducting market investigations, designing business model, developing product prototype, and negotiating with angel investors.


In the meantime, our featured Chinese language and culture courses, and local high-tech industry visiting will help students develop a global perspective and get a deeper understanding of modern China, the world’s largest growing economy.

The Business Trip in China Program hosted by the School of Information and Business Management of DNUI covers short but abundant learning and practical experience associated with today’s cutting-edge e-business technology and basic skills of business cooperation in China. It is designed to inspire participants with new visions about the rapid development of Chinese macro-economy, today’s business environment in China, how to set up enterprises in china, how to invest in securities, Chinese business etiquette, awareness of cross-cultural businesses and so on.


In addition, the program includes various of featured activities related to Chinese culture such as cooking dumplings, Tai Chi experience, Chinese tea culture experience and so on. Besides, we provide participants plenty of chances to study and communicate with Chinese students, to visit Chinese companies and chat with company’s staffs and simulate China’s Securities Investment operation.